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Did you know we have an in-hospital lab?  We feel it truly allows us to arrive at a diagnosis and then a proper treatment of your pet ASAP.  And not just sick animals but also wellness evaluations.  Often timeís blood work will alert us to a problem that as yet the animal is presently asymptomatic.  This is especially true in cats that tend to mask their discomfort until they are critically ill.  Senior wellness profiles and pre-anesthetic profiles can warn of a problem that may not be obvious.

Some people have questioned why bother if you discover organ problems what can you do?  The answer of course varies with the findings.  Cats are very prone to kidney disease and when discovered at the earliest stages a good life can be had with a mere change in diet.  Kidney diet for cats has been proved to prolong symptom-free life by at least 2 years.

An in hospital lab also allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment plan in the case of disease and thus we can adjust as needed

Our goal is for your pet to enjoy the highest quality and lengthy life possible.   They give us so much in unconditional love.  Itís the least we can do.